Paul Varga

Host of the Overnight Express from 12am-8am.  Born and Baptized in Connecticut. My journey has been a crazy one, but in my darkest times Radio has brought me through. I bring this understanding to the overnight express. I know you may be having the darkest time of your life and between the music, me and God I hope to bring you through. I gain my strength through the creator, but also with the gifts he has given me.  My wife Sara and I have been married since September 2014. Each week we start the week with a long hug and a prayer and have been provided so many great gifts.

I also have one of the worlds best  dogs. Rescued from Alabama Ivy is such a sensitive dog.  She can sense when people are going through tough times. Once walking through the woods she took off, it’s not like her so I followed her path. I came upon the edge of a lake and found her about 30 feet from shore, on a rock with a woman who was grieving. It’s that  type of compassion that just leaves me in awe of our four legged friends.

I am blessed to be able to join you on the Overnight Express ever weekday 12AM-8AM central, I look  forward to learning, laughing and listening to some great music with you!

Live and Love some life!